Small Scale, Energy Efficient Housing

Affordable Accommodation

Fully functioning home. Complete with bathroom suite and kitchen, fully wired and plumbed, fitted with appliances and lighting.

Quick Build

Approximately a 5 week leadtime from time of consultation.

Low Cost Maintenance

Energy efficient: Low heating and electricity costs.
Low property tax.

High Quality Structure

Complete weather proof structure and 30 year roof guarantee. Built using wood from local sustainable sources.

Flexible Design

Multiple design and layout options. Lofted and bungalow options. Can be designed to customer’s desired requirements.

Easy Installation

No need for foundations – sits on four concrete pads.

What we’re about

Tiny homes are a fully functioning home on a small scale; their unique design means that the kitchen, living area, bathroom and sleeping area are all contained within a cosy, comfortable space.

Whether it’s for independent living, downsizing or a spare house for general use, these fully insulated tiny homes come in a variety of sizes and are built to last a lifetime!

Tiny Homes offer a practical way to Live!

What we do

Stephen has worked as a carpenter in the building industry for the last thirty years and initially started building the tiny homes as a project  to see how viable and affordable small scale living could be.

The tiny homes take approximately 6-10 weeks to build from initial design consultation to finish. They are delivered fully finished with connections for plumbing and electricity, hot water heater, electric hob, sink, shower and toilet.


The little Person Inside

Keeping life simple by living in a small space. It’s freedom from financial burden, time consuming home maintenance, time consuming big home cleaning, unnecessary clutter.. Read More →

Link to The Tiny Life

Tiny Houses come in many forms, shapes and sizes, but they are designed with a focus on smaller spaces and simplified living... Read More →
Tiny Homes Suitable For

Those seeking independence but would like to remain close to the family home

Supportive Housing (Granny Flat)

Additional living space

Social Housing

Hospitality Accommodation – Holiday Centres, Adventure Parks, Caravan Parks, B&B/Guesthouses

Holiday homes

Student Accommodation

On-site accommodation during a build – the Tiny Homes can then be retained as a ‘granny flat’ or transported to another location

Features of a Tiny Home

Affordable Accommodation – a complete compact home with all the modern conveniences in a smaller space.

Energy efficient with low running costs, low maintenance costs and also low property tax.

Tiny Homes are a very attractive and comfortable living space.

The cabins are quick to build and are made from sustainable materials.

Long life – Tiny Homes are built to last, they also are transportable and re-saleable.

Join the Revolution

What Is The Tiny House Movement? Simply put it is a global social movement where people are downsizing the space that they live in.

A typical Irish ‘3-bed semi’ home is around 1000 square feet, while the typical small or tiny home is around 100-400 square feet. Tiny Homes focus on smaller spaces and simplified living.

There are many reasons why this ethos appeals to people today, but the most popular reasons are because of environmental concerns, financial concerns and seeking more time and freedom.

Come visit and see for yourself!

Our permanent, energy efficient Tiny Homes are built to last a lifetime.

Quotes can include a planning application lodged on your behalf.

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