Tiny Homes

Small Scale Living in a Cosy Comfortable Space


Tiny homes are a fully functioning home on a small scale; their unique design means that the kitchen, living area, bathroom and sleeping area are all contained within a cosy, comfortable space.

Stephen has worked as a carpenter in the building industry for the last thirty five years. Stephens feels he best expresses his vast carpentry skills through the creation of energy efficient and unique Tiny Homes.

Lower Living Costs

Living in a smaller space means smaller bills, for most Irish people, up to 50% of their income is dedicated to the roof over their heads. This translates to at least 20 years of your life just to pay for it and because of this; many people have less money and less time to enjoy life.  

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Viable Alternative

We feel that an alternative to a having a large mortgage and lifelong debt is living on a smaller scale. While tiny homes are not for everyone, they do provide a viable alternative to the cycle of debt that 70% per cent of Irish homeowners now find themselves in.

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Quick Build

The Tiny Homes cabins take approximately six weeks to build from start to finish. They are delivered fully finished with connections for plumbing and electricity, hot water heater, electric hob, sink, shower and toilet.

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What we do


A design consultation is carried out with prospective clients by appointment at our showhouse.

Design & Plan

An architectural drawing and specifications are drawn up for the proposed design, which will include: Size, Layout and any Additional features if required.

Build & Fit-Out

Onsite survey and report is produced, the Site prepared and structure installed. This takes place within 6 weeks of consultation.

Structure Outline

A typical tiny home is 180 square feet (16 square metres), however they can be built to clients requirements up to a max size of 400 ft².  They are built using locally sourced materials, where possible. Build costs range from €95 per ft² or  €1,025 per m² + VAT @ 13.5%. Running costs are minimal, the homes are insulated to passive house standards and require very little heating and have low voltage led lighting. All doors and windows are double glazed, with low-e glass for minimum heat loss. They are extremely comfortable both in winter and summer.


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