Design consultation by appointment at our showhouse to discuss Size, Layout and Optional Extras.

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Tiny House Movement

Tiny House Movement

Tiny Houses come in many forms, shapes and sizes, designed with a focus on smaller spaces and simplified living.

Why Tiny Homes

The Build

The Build

Complete weather proof structure, turn key home with an Approximate 6 week leadtime from time of consultation.

Structure & Design

What services do you provide?

  • Design consultation by appointment at showhouse to discuss Size and Layout
  • Architectural drawing and specifications for the proposed design drafted
  • Onsite survey and report prepared

How long will it take?

Approximate 6 week leadtime from time of consultation.

How much will it cost?

Prices vary depending on level of work, contact us to find out more!

Are there different sizes?

Structures range in size from 180 ft² to 320 ft²

Are there different designs?

Multiple design and layout options can include lofted and bungalow options.

Can be designed to customers desired requirements

What's included in the Tiny Home?

  • Complete weather proof structure
  • 30 year roof guarantee – German Bauder, advanced roofing product, that meets diverse needs in terms of budget, performance and functional roofing material
  • Douglas Fir cladding, should require no treatment in normal environmental conditions, we can provide consultation on this
  • Fully wired and plumbed (hot & cold water), ready to connect
  • Double glazing UPVC
  • Sliding Patio Door
  • Complete bathroom suite, toilet, shower and sink
  • Complete kitchen, hob, sink, kitchenware storage
  • Multiple sockets and LED lighting, including outside lighting in soffit
  • Under plinth fan heating
  • Shelving and hanging space for personal items in smallest design house – wardrobe and additional storage available in larger designs
  • Fixed stairs

Are living costs reduced?


  • Low heating costs
  • Low electricity bills
  • Low property tax
  • Little or no maintenance costs

Can it be sold on?

Yes, Tiny Homes can be sold and transported to other locations.

Have You A Question Not Covered in FAQs?

If you have a question that we haven’t covered in our FAQs to the left, then please send us an enquiry either through our contact form or directly to our email address. All contact details and contact form can be accessed by clicking the link below. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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Want To Make An Appointment?

We provide a design consultation by appointment at our showhouse to discuss size, layout and optional extras. If you would like to make an appointment to visit then just call the number below and speak to Stephen.

087 8359116

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